Zhengyu Liu

I am currently a first-year Ph.D. student in Computer Science at Johns Hopkins University, advised by Prof. Yinzhi Cao. Before joining JHU, I received my bachelor's degree in Cybersecurity from Sichuan University. During my undergrad, I was very fortunate to be advised by Prof. Cheng Huang.

My research interest lies in Web Security, Software Security and AI for Security, especially leveraging program analysis approaches to automatically detect/exploit/patch vulnerabilities in real-world complex applications, softwares and system.

Besides, I am a CTF player specialized in pwn and web challenges. I lead the team Z0D1AC (JHU academic team) and is a member of thehackerscrew (international team, top 10 in CTFTime.org).

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Undefined-oriented Programming: Detecting and Chaining Prototype Pollution Gadgets in Node.js Template Engines for Malicious Consequences

Zhengyu Liu, Kecheng An, and Yinzhi Cao
IEEE Symposium on Security and Privacy (S&P Oakland), 2024

A Framework for Threat Intelligence Extraction and Fusion

Yongyan Guo, Zhengyu Liu, Cheng Huang, Nannan Wang
Computer & Security

Coreference Resolution for Cybersecurity Entity: Towards Explicit, Comprehensive Cybersecurity Knowledge Graph with Low Redundancy

Zhengyu Liu, Haochen Su, Nannan Wang, Cheng Huang
EAI International Conference on Security and Privacy in Communication Networks (SecureComm), 2022

CyberRel: Joint Entity and Relation Extraction for Cybersecurity Concepts

Yongyan Guo, Zhengyu Liu, Cheng Huang, Jiayong Liu, Wangyuan Jing, Ziwang Wang, Yanghao Wang
International Conference on Information and Communications Security (ICICS), 2022
Best Student Paper Award

A Sybil Detection Method in OSN based on DistilBERT and Double-SN-LSTM for text analysis

Xiaojie Xu, Jian Dong, Zhengyu Liu, Jin Yang, et al.
EAI International Conference on Security and Privacy in Communication Networks (SecureComm), 2021

Capture The Flags

2023 Jan. - Now

Team member @ TheHackersCrew
Won 17 medals for the year of 2023, 8 Gold + 4 Silver + 3 Bronze

2022 Oct. - Now

Co-lead @ The Group Z0D1AC
Achieved 3th place RaymondJamesCTF 2023 ($2500 cash prize), etc.

Selected Honors & Awards

2022 May Cybersecurity Elite Honor, School of Cyber Science and Engineering, Sichuan University
2022 Dec. The 404 Scholarship, School of Cyber Science and Engineering, Sichuan University
2021 Sep. First Class Scholarship, School of Cyber Science and Engineering, Sichuan University
2020 & 2021 Outstanding Student Honor, Sichuan University

2021 Nov. The 9th Place, 2021 ByteDance Security AI Competition, ByteDance(TikTok)
2021 July The 2th Place, School of Computing Summer Workshop, National University of Singapore
2020 Sep. Excellent Thesis, Innovation and Entrepreneurship Training Program for College Students
2020 Sep. Third Prize, The 4th “Qiangwang Cup” National Cybersecurity Challenge

Professional Services

External Reviewer 

(CSF 24') 37th IEEE Computer Security Foundations Symposium
(DIMVA '24) 21th Conference on Detection of Intrusions and Malware & Vulnerability Assessment
(Usenix '24) 33rd USENIX Security Symposium


2023 Sep. - 2023 Dec. Course Assistant, EN.601.340/440/640 Web Security (23 Fall), JHU
2023 June - 2023 Aug. Research Assistant, JHU, Advisor: Dr. Yinzhi Cao
2020 Aug. - 2022 June Research Assistant, Sichuan University, Advisor: Dr. Cheng Huang

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